Push Your Limits Up with ProForm 440 R Rower

A rowing machine is one of the top sellers among all the fitness fanatics. Yes, every top gym has a rowing machine, and even people who like to work out in the comfort of their home or office are buying a rowing machine. For people who have not yet started using a rowing machine as part of their workout regime then you should know that it is a highly useful and gives you a full-body workout.

ProForm 440 Rower is a renowned rowing machine in the market right now. The reason why you should go for this device is that it not only serves as a rowing machine but also serves you all the workout benefits of a strength station. Also, ProForm 440 R Rower falls in the inexpensive category of the range of rowing machines that you can purchase today. Read about its unique features.


ProForm 440 R Rower

This machine introduces the eight levels of magnetic resistance which is something that you will not find easily in rowing machines, that too at this price. As mentioned above, it provides your entire body an efficient workout. Moreover, it also allows its users to do cardio and strength training which saves you the time you spend doing those exercises separately. The reason why you can do strength training on this machine is the low pulley station.

Also, if you want more from your workout sessions, then you can stand up and move around to the front of the rower to work on your biceps and upper part of the body. So, with this single machine, you can tone your body to perfection.

It has an LCD monitor which will not only show you the time and distance of your workout but also track the strokes you took and the calories you burned while working out on the machine.

Along with the eight levels of magnetic resistance, the machine also has a flywheel which allows for smooth rowing motion. The intensity of your workout can always be altered according to your mood. The fully padded seat will provide you enough comfort when you are sitting and rowing on the machine.

As added benefits, you get a five-year warranty on the machine which is longer than what most companies offer today on gym equipment. The device can be folded and kept in the corner of your room which helps in saving you plenty of space.


This is inevitable for any product and this rowing machine, the biggest problem that can put off people is the intensity settings. Some users have found the high-intensity settings not to be completely functional which can be an issue for individuals who are trying to raise their workout levels.

Also, the warranty on the product is five years, but the warranty on the parts is limited to 90 days. Overall, the machine is quite excellent at the attractive price tag on Amazon.