Everything about nature is so alluring and irresistible- the trees, the woods, animals and plants and whatnot. So many people living in the city like going to beautiful fields of the countryside for camping activities.

Mostly, people like to go camping on the weekends with a group of friends or family. Car camping is the best option in such cases. It lets you park close to your campsite. Also, if you’re not so comfortable for sleeping or relaxing in the tent or your sleeping bag, you can simply rest in the backseat of your camping car or your trunk (SUV).

So, what are the essentials that are a must-have for car camping? Let’s look in the list given below:

#1. Portable Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter

Portable Jumpstarter is also known as Lithium Jump Starters. This is an astonishing item as it does not take a lot of space. They are used to provide a jump start to your car and inflate your tires. Many times these are the size of a cellphone. It can also charge phones!

#2. Roof Rack or Carrier

Roof Rack or Carrier

In case you are traveling with a lot of people and stuff, you should make sure that you are not completely depending on your car space for handling everything.

Most of the time people just forget to carry this item, unless they have skies, bike or canoe. You can go for a cargo carrier or a roof rack for carrying all the bulky and heavy items such as camping drill. Keeping this huge item on the top of the car would give a good space in the car to lay around on the long rides to campsites.

#3. Tent

Tent for Traveling

It is always a lot better to go with a contemporary tent than the car tent or any extension. Wondering, why? It is because putting together or having a tent gives an authenticity to the whole car camping experience.

If you’re traveling in a car, you obviously want to carry light items and lesser items. However, you are also going to have a lot of fun and want to be comfortable. So why not just carry a tent which you can have fun assembling with your mates and family? It just adds a lot to your camping experience.

#4. Cooler

Cooler for Traveling Purpose

A cooler is a highly critical thing to keep when it comes to essential car camping gear. Since you do not have to worry too much about the weight, you can carry as much food as you want no matter what car you are taking for camping. However, the most important thing is not to let the food get spoiled and remain as fresh as possible for the longest time.

#5. Flashlights, Lamps, and Light

Flashlights, Lamps, and Light

Camping can involve a lot of people- small kids playing and running around, people cooking at night, people in search for a loo, etc. There’s an absolute need of a flashlight when all these activities have to happen at night. Also, flashlights are quite handy, and car camping is incomplete without it.

Still so confused about your car camping essentials? Take a look here: