Smartphones have undoubtedly made our lives easier. Not only the younger generation is benefitting from smartphones, but these have also proved to be highly efficient for older people as well. Even though the digital explorations are explicitly more popular among the youth, the latest technologies of smartphones are getting adopted by the older people as well.

Every new smartphone has something new to offer. More and more companies are investing in making more available smartphones which are good for all the age groups. Let’s check out some of the best smartphones for grandparents:

The Best Smartphone Choices for Grand Parents

#1. iPhone 6

Best Smartphone for Grand parents

iPhones are very famous, especially in the United States. Most of the smartphones launched recently have been bigger in size than that of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple launched iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with a screen size of 5 inches. Although iPhone 6 Plus was introduced with the larger screen, it failed to cover many markets. On the other hand, iPhone 6 was quite popular because of its bigger screen size and fast processor. Hence, it was very easy for the elder people to use and operate.

#2. Nokia Lumia 1520

Grand parents smartphone

This phone became more famous for the seniors two primary reasons- its screen size and anti-glare option. Even though it is a windows phone, it has so many features which make it an elderly-friendly phone. With a display size of inches, it makes it the visibility easier for the senior who have eyesight problems. Also, a lot of reflection on the screen can be problematic for some elder people, hence, the anti-glare option in this amazing smartphone which comes in handy.

#3. HTC One Mini

choose the smartphone for grand parents

Don’t underestimate the brand title! Even though it says ‘Mini,’ this phone has a screen size of about 4.3 inches. Not only this, but it also has 1GB RAM and 1800 mAh battery. This phone has speakers on the front side alone with a good screen size which makes it a good choice of phone for the older adults. It is helpful for the people with hearing aids. The speakers are loud and clear. Also, the HTC One Mini has a real competition to other phones in the market in the same range.

#4. Samsung Galaxy S4

Which phone for grand parents

Why is this smartphone a revolution? Because it offers:

  • Super-fast processor
  • Vibrant graphics
  • Great sound
  • Smartphone technology
  • 5” large display
  • Internal storage up to 32 GB

Hence, older people can have a clearer visibility on the phone and don’t have to worry about the extended memory. There’s absolutely no reason why your grandparents won’t love this phone!

#5. Huawei P8max

How to choose best smart phone for grand parents

Huawei offers a significant number of smartphones. However, the model P8max stands out due to the following reasons and impressive features:

  • 8″ large screen- perfect for elders who have eyesight problems
  • 3GB RAM- hence, extremely fast
  • Good battery time out than most of the smartphones in the market currently

Hence, this phone is a perfect choice for the elderly- no strain on the eyesight, hassle free charging and great speed. What else can one ask for?

Well, here is a video on how to set up a smartphone for your grand parents, as they may not be familiar with they do with the gadget: