What is that significant feature everyone should know about the wireless gaming headsets?

Before you make the decision of getting a wireless gaming headset, you should be aware the ways it is compared with the wired headphones. The most apparent reason to get a wireless gaming headset is that you get freedom.

You get comfort. There’s no hindrance and discomfort from so many wires. You are not bound by the messy wired connected to the gaming machine. Hence, convenience and wire-free experience are the main advantages of wireless gaming headsets. However, there are some cons as well like:

  1. Wireless headsets run on batteries which need to be charged.
  2. The sound quality is not as great and high as the wired headsets.
  3. These are costlier than the wired headsets.

Today we’re introducing the top 5 wireless headsets for gaming that works well for everyone.

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets 2017

#1. Steel Series Siberia 800
Steel Series Siberia 800

One of the best wireless gaming headsets available in the market currently. A perfect combination of compatibility, comfort, amazing sound quality and great battery life. All these together make it an all-around wireless gaming headset.

The product is compatible with all the leading gaming platforms: Mac, PC, Xbox 30, PS4, PS3 and Xbox One with the adapter.

It also has an excellent battery life. One charge lasts for up to 20 hours of the playtime which is comparatively better than the other wireless headsets. Also, you get another battery too. Hence, in case your battery gets over while in the middle of the game, you can replace it within seconds and continue with your gaming experience.

#2. Astro Gaming A50 2nd Gen

Astro Gaming A50 2nd gen

A well-known brand for gaining attraction among the teens, especially with the wireless headsets for gaming. It is not very different from its earlier version, though. Only some design changes and the add-on compatibility with PS 4 and Xbox One are probably the main differences. It works with almost all the gaming platforms.

Even though the headsets are made of plastic mostly, it is built nicely and does not have any weak points.

#3. Razor ManO’War Wireless Headsets

Razor ManO’War Wireless Headsets,jpeg

These headsets are connected via a wireless 2.4 GHz USB adapter. You can carry this adapter inside the ear cups and it’s highly compatible with Mac, PC, and PS4. The presence of unidirectional microphone makes it retractable. You can hide it in the earcup when you don’t need it. There are no static available. Hence your buddies can hear you very clearly even in loud surrounding areas.

#4. Skullcandy PLYR1

Skullcandy PLYR1

Skullcandy is the most popular brand in the music industry. These headphones are industrially designed with excellent sound quality and offer surround sound for consoles and PC. It is compatible with the primary gaming platforms- Xbox One, Xbox 30, PS4, PS3, Mac, and PC.

#5. Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450

This one is an updated, newer version of Z300 PC gaming headset. Not many significant changes and modifications have been made. The only biggest change is the improved design with detachable mic and better ear pad cushions. On the other hand, this headset does not support Bluetooth devices as the older version used to.

Here’s yet another list of top quality wireless gaming headsets: